Which Social Media Platform Should Your Business be on in 2019?

Social media marketing matters, especially in 2019. It’s inexpensive and can reach thousands instantly. If approached correctly, it can really boost your sales but diving right in without a clear strategy can be tragic.

With so many different social platforms out there, how do you know which one is best for your business? We’ve made a list of the most popular choices for social media platforms to make it easier for you to consider.


Facebook is good for any type of business. Facebook has more members than any other social media platform and continues to grow with 1.495 billion daily active users. Because of the many intuitive tools Facebook provides, it makes marketing easier and helps drive traffic directly to your website. You can target your audience with ads down to age, location, and interests and by using Facebook Insights you can find out a lot of information on how many people your posts are reaching and what kind of engagement you are getting, this date is key to tracking ROI. A majority of Facebook users access the site from their cell phones, bringing your information such as hours, location, specials, and photos immediately to their fingertips.


Twitter enables you to interact with your current and potential customers by sharing your knowledge and expertise through tweets on relevant topics. Twitter helps start a conversation with your audience by giving them tips and ideas that establish your business as an authority in your industry. Twitter is a great platform to increase brand awareness as it allows you to access instant feedback about your products and/or services.


Instagram is a great marketing tool for any size business and you can make money directly from it. People are shopping on-line more than ever, in fact, 72% of Instagram users have purchased a product they saw on line.


LinkedIn is considered to be a social media networking platform for businesses and targets consumers based on profession, job title, or industry network relationships. It can help bring brand awareness, generate leads, and establish strategic partnerships. As a networking source it can help with publicity, attracting customers, and finding employees.


Pinterest users don’t just browse, they purchase. Pinners use the site for saving and collecting things that inspire them, Users spend more time on the site than traditional media like magazines and catalogs.

When you put aspirational and actionable Pins on your site, you’re giving your audience ideas on what they want or need. Consumers look to Pinterest for emerging trends and popular products, especially in the fashion, home, garden, food, and beauty industries.


Snapchat content, unlike the other social media sites, disappears 24 hours after it’s been viewed. For businesses, it’s a fun way to interact with customers, showing them you’re real and have personality. Snapchat is great with exclusive promotions and flash sales because the posts only last 24 hours, creating a fear of missing out, leads to more impulse buys.


YouTube is an educational platform. A go-to for tutorials and lessons. If someone wants to learn how to play guitar, do a French braid, or how to rebuild an engine, they go to YouTube. Like most social media sites, advertising ads are relatively inexpensive and worth it in helping you get ranked on Google and reach a bigger audience.

Social Media Growth

Growing your business through social media can be a fun and rewarding experience – if the daily grind doesn’t get to you. If you’re up for the challenge, great! If not, consider hiring a social media marketing firm that has already put in the leg work to understand the inner working of everyone’s favorite social media channels.
Fusion Group USA can help to shape your social media presence in a way that maximizes your reach, expands your following, and ultimately grows your business. You can read more about our social media management here, or contact us today to set up a no-strings-attached consultation.