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7 Marketing Ideas to Welcome the New Year

What better way to kick off the New Year then by giving your sales a boost by engaging your customers with post-holiday promotions. The holiday sales rush maybe over but by embracing some creative marketing ideas you can beat the new year slump 1. Email Email marketing is easy to
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Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing for Trade Shows

Thanks to the leaps and bounds in printing technology and capabilities over the past two decades, the popularity of large format printing has grown exponentially. For a long time, printing on mediums over 18 to 20 inches wide was cost prohibitive for all but the largest players. But now, large
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Signs: Keeping up with the Latest Designs

When it comes to business signage, a well-designed and clear sign can greatly increase your business – especially walk-in and drive-by traffic. Nothing new here – businesses have been drawing traffic with signs since the beginning of commerce, but while the use of signs may never change; their style and
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Trade Show Strategic Planning

Are you considering attending a trade show to market your brand – but you don’t know where to start with your preparations? One thing is certain—you will need professionally designed and printed signage and promotional materials to  your investment pay off. Here are a few pointers to help jump-start your
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Large Format Printing 101

Most businesses will have need of printing banners, large posters, or large-scale art prints at some point – whether for advertising, trade shows, or promotional events. Professional printers can provide large format printing of these products; covering sizes between 18” and 100”. For specialty cases over 100″ there are still options –
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Large Format Printing

Don’t Forget Signage!

Signs are so important to our lives! They give us directions, let us know we’re in the right (or wrong) spot, and give us an idea of what is offered in an area. In an infograph on Visually, it is cited that signage is responsible for 50% of your customers.