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4 Common Email Marketing Problems (and how to fix them)

How many marketing emails do you get every day? If you’re anything like me, then it is a lot. But it’s hard to put an exact number on it – because the vast majority go unopened, unread, and unclicked. But they don’t all go unopened and unclicked. So, what sets
Repetition in direct mail
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Repetition in Direct Mail: Secrets to Success

Direct mail is a powerful tool, but far too many businesses fail to understand that direct mail is not a one-and-done campaign. Success depends on repetition in direct mail because multiple touches are the key to any successful campaign – in either marketing or advertising. If you’re spending your hard-earned
Email Marketing Drip Campaigns
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Automating Success: Email Marketing Drip Campaigns

Everyone knows that two is better than one – unless we’re talking about spiders, speeding tickets, or cavities. But we’re not talking about those things, instead, we’re talking about converting leads and retaining customers with automated email marketing. And in that case, two (or three or four) is always better than
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Email Marketing Funnels

Understanding marketing and sales funnels is critical to growing your business. If you don’t have a clear idea of how people move from leads to customers, it is impossible to improve the way you land new business. But when you get intentional about building sales funnels you can start to
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5 Advantages of Direct Mail

The modern marketer is faced with a paralyzing range of channel options. Social media, PPC, retargeted, and other digital channels dominate the marketing discussion – because it sure seems that the world has gone fully digital over the last decade. But there are still advantages to pursuing traditional marketing channels
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Five Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List

Email marketing continues to be a successful tool for reaching interested consumers – as email generates 40 times more customers than social media. When it comes to reaching engaged customers, there is no better channel than email, so what can a business do to expand their reach through growing their
Email messaging
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Optimizing Your Email Marketing

As search engine results and social media continue to be flooded with advertising space, email continues to be one of the best ways to have direct communication with your customer base. But that doesn’t mean you should just blindly blast out emails whenever it catches your fancy. If you want
Email marketing in a social media world
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Email Marketing in a Social Media World

Email marketing has been a valuable tool for years. Will it continue to perform in a world that is dominated by social media? We believe the answer is a resounding yes! Email newsletters continue to offer unique benefits that you just can’t get through the various social media challenges. Today
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Direct Mail by the Numbers

Direct mail continues to see marketing success. Many businesses that could benefit from the exposure and ROI of direct mail, but they’re scared away by rumors of direct mail’s demise. There are a thousand and one marketers saying the future is digital (and they’re partially correct), but it is not
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Email Subject Lines: Digital Conversation Starters

Email marketing is all about getting people to open your message. And nothing affects open rates more than your subject line. In fact, 35% of recipients open an email based solely on the subject line! There is a whole host of issues when creating an email marketing campaign, but getting