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Catch Their Attention With a Slogan!

Does your business have a slogan or a tagline? Every memorable brand out there has a great slogan that catches people’s attention and sticks in their mind. A slogan is a catchphrase that identifies a product or a company. Coming up with a great slogan is difficult because you have to understand your brand so well that you can sum its value up in a short, succinct phrase – it’s an art form! In your quest to come up with the perfect slogan for your business, here are some things to think about:

  1. Make sure it can stand on its own. If you only have your slogan out there, will people remember who you are simply by hearing or seeing your slogan? If you write it out and it seems like you’d need to include your business name or some explanation, try again.
  2. Figure out your target market. Understanding who it is you’re trying to attract will help you develop a slogan that is relevant to that target. You also have to take into account what type of business you are and what exactly you’re trying to offer to the customer.
  3. Short and simple! You want to aim for less than 10 words in your slogan. This will make the slogan easier to remember and is more appealing.
  4. What makes your business or product different and beneficial? Drawing attention what is different about your product or business will set you apart from your competitors. If it’s something that makes you special or unique, highlight it in your slogan! Come up with a list of all possible words that you could use to describe your brand and start from there.
  5. Be honest and authentic. The tricky part of coming up with a slogan is making it sound catchy and authentic, but not overselling or coming off boastful. You want people to relate in a sense with your brand, making a connection that will lead to brand loyalty.
  6. Ask others for their input. If you think it’s catchy, there’s probably someone out there that doesn’t feel the same. Ask employees, friends, and family what they think from an objective point of view. Give customers a survey or use this as an opportunity to put together a poll on social media.
  7. Always stay consistent! You want your slogan, logo, and overall design to be consistent with your brand image. People are more likely to recognize and trust a business that is loyal to their own brand identity.
  8. Try and give it a creative twist – some rhyme or a rhythm that will stick in people’s minds. Keep it clear, easy to understand, visually and auditorily pleasing.
  9. If you’re a small business coming up with a slogan, try and stay away from overt humor. People may not appreciate or react positively, so it’s best to stick to something authentic and descriptive. Humor is such a subjective entity, that what you find dunny may not ring as funny with others.
  10. Think about where your product or service falls in the market. Are you new to the market or are you an established business? Does your slogan need to be informative or simply state what people understand about your product already? You can consider these questions when you are also taking a look at your target market.

Overall, creating a great slogan to go with your logo and complete your brand identity is tricky. That’s why Fusion Group USA is a great option – we offer brand development, graphic design, commercial printing, and website design/development. Fusion Group USA is a full service marketing agency with the advertising and marketing expertise to help you develop a comprehensive brand identity. You focus on your business and let Fusion Group USA take care of the rest! Call today for a consultation or estimate!

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