The Importance of Business Stationery

You might think that because we live in a world run by the internet and online marketing, that business stationery is obsolete. But, it is something that continues to be an important cornerstone of any professional business for several reasons. Plus, if you read our blog “Business Cards through the Ages”, it becomes apparent that there is something important about business stationery…especially since it’s been around for centuries. It is necessary to evolve and strategically change with the times, but there are some things that remain key to running a business.

Business stationery includes things like business cards, letterhead, envelopes, greeting cards, or really any paper item your business logo and information can be printed on. The first way business stationery benefits your business is because it helps with networking. You can rely on people to visit your website or respond to your email, but in reality if you hand them a physical card, they have something to refer to and it adds an element of intimacy to your business meetings. Even if they throw your card away, you made an impression on them – especially if your card was professional and unique. If you are sending out billing statements or letters, having a professional letterhead on quality paper can also make a great impression on present and prospective customers. Having something tangible to give to people can set you apart from others and make a professional first impression.

Another way business stationery can help with your business image is because provides an identity for your business. It is the first thing many of your clients will see and it helps you establish a visual, tangible identity. Having your logo and information consistently on everything that a client sees establishes brand recognition and trust, especially if you have things printed on high quality paper and designed professionally. If you hire a professional graphic designer to put together a great logo and design some great looking stationery it lets people know that you invest in your business and you care about your identity.

Networking and branding are important keys to marketing, which is another benefit of having professional business stationery. Brochures, fliers, and direct mailings can all fall into the business stationery category and can be used as marketing collateral. You can hand them out at events, in your business, or include them with orders or mailings. Making sure your logo and information are clear and encouraging people to reach you is a great way to get people to take notice. You can use printed items as informational pieces, promotional ads, or simply networking tool depending on how they are designed. Having a clear focus for each piece you have printed and making sure it looks professional and high quality will surely add to your marketing plan.

So, business stationery can be used for a variety of things including networking, branding, and marketing. In order for these printed items to be successful, there are some things you need to keep in mind. You want to build something called “visual position”, as explained in a blog post on Visible Logic about brand identity. In this post, they talk about some things that will help you build a cohesive brand identity. A few of these include:

  1. Having different logo variations for different uses
  2. Finding one or two key colors
  3. Having additional color palette options
  4. Sticking to just a few different fonts

For your stationery and printed items, you want the same feel and identity. This establishes a professional, put together image that people will respect. If you want your business to start on the right foot when it comes to business stationery and printing, Fusion Group USA can help. We have talented graphic designers that will work with you on your vision and create a professional design that can be printed on high quality stock. To get started, you can call us directly or use our Contact Us page!

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