Branding with Social Media

Your brand is your business face – it’s your identity and your first impression. Branding is an important and essential part of developing your business and is something that should be done with consideration of your business direction and goals. After building your brand, you want to get brand exposure to foster recognition and loyalty. Social media is a useful tool for brand exposure and building brand loyalty, especially since nearly 65% of American adults use social networking sites, as stated by Pew Research Center. Social media is a useful tool for any business to get their brand out there, develop relationships with customers, and gain interest from prospective customers. How do you build your brand on social media? Here are a few useful tips on utilizing social media for your brand.

  1. Consistent imagery.

A few things to consider when developing consistent brand imagery for social networking are your color palette choices, fonts, and choosing appropriate images. Selecting images that are relevant to your products and services is important to developing a consistent image with your followers. They can get a clear picture of your style and what they can expect from you. Choosing a few colors that you want incorporated into your brand and using those colors in everything from your logo to your images helps people become familiar with your brand. When choosing a font for your business, try and find something that sums up your character – bold, elegant, fresh, cute, etc. Imagery is important to making people more familiar with your brand and establishing consistency.

  1. Find a networking site that fits your branding goal.

Each networking site appeals to a different demographic. According to a blog Aaron Agius on about social media and branding, here are 5 networking sites and their key target audiences:

  • Facebook appeals to people from various backgrounds and age groups, so this is the versatile site for branding. Facebook is also the most widely used site with over 59 billion monthly active users as of December 2015.
  • Instagram is great for businesses that use images a lot to showcase products and services. This service is very popular with young adults and minorities.
  • Google+ is great for a male-dominated market, especially if you’re in the tech industry.
  • Pinterest is female-dominated and is useful for people selling products such as clothing and jewelry.
  • LinkedIn is a business dominated site, useful for making business connections and business-to-business companies.

Come up with a goal for your social media profile and be sure to select a network that fits within your branding image.

  1. Develop a consistent voice.

Keep content that you put on your profile consistent with your brand image. Your bio should let people know exactly what you do and who you are in a short, concise description and your posts should include consistent topics and material. Your personality should shine through your profile and your content. Choose topics that you believe your customers would be interested in – if they like your page or follow you, they are obviously interested in whatever you do, so choose industry-related topics.

Branding isn’t only about creating a great logo or slogan, it’s about getting that image out so that people recognize and relate to your brand image. Fusion Group USA can help you with the various aspects that go into successfully branding your business including logo, business stationery, marketing collateral, signage, and website design. We can help create a brand image that encompasses your business identity. To get your brand development process going or to learn more about using social media to expose your brand, call Fusion Group USA today!

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