The Logic of Color: Branding With Color in Mind

Color is an important component of everyday life, and in a lot of ways it helps us make important decisions. The clothing you wear, the car you buy, the brand names you’re attracted to all boil down to your understanding of color. In marketing and advertising, color is integral in not only developing a brand or logo that defines you but also in how the general public will perceive your brand. Coming up with a an appealing, professional-looking logo is difficult and requires an eye for design – which is where having the experience of Fusion Group USA can help.

In Business Insider, Melissa Stanger discusses how color can influence people’s choices in “How Brands Use the Psychology of Color to Manipulate You.” Certain colors can mean various things to different people based on deep-seated social and natural indicators. For instance, socially the color green has come to mean money and envy but green also symbolizes nature and Mother Earth. Society has taken colors that are found in nature and assigned meanings based on emotion and connection with that color. All of us have a favorite color, something that speaks to us and stirs an emotional response. This response could lead us to make economic decisions and build loyalty to certain brands. Brands are fully aware of the power of color, and are prepared to use it in order to expand their consumer base.

When looking at the Fusion Group USA logo, there are two main colors: purple and green. In history, purple was often assigned to royalty because of the feeling of sophistication and elegance that purple signifies. Green can mean wealth, prestige, and freshness (as seen in nature). These two colors together define Fusion Group’s approach to advertising and graphic design – sophisticated, fresh designs that can build your business’s wealth and prestige.

Building a brand is like building an identity for your business. You want your brand to encompass who you are, how you think, and how you operate your business so that you can attract a fitting consumer base. Fusion Group offers marketing services that encompass branding and creating a marketing plan to get that brand out there! Color is a huge part of this – the colors you choose and how you present them can ultimately define where you stand in the market.

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