Bold Business Cards – Stand out from the Crowd

Bold, beautiful, and unique. That was what Fredrik Ost (of design firm SNASK) had to say about business card design in a recent interview with How Design. Most of us have a drawer full of other people’s business cards that we never look at – and having a bland, cookie-cutter business card is a sure way to never see the light of day again. But a bold, beautiful, and unique design will stand out from the crowd – even if you end up at the bottom of the dark drawer, your name and brand have made a lasting impact of the viewer.

Bold Design 
Creating a business card that meets these lofty goals is easy if you keep these four elements in mind:

  • Feel – There’s more to consider than just paper weight when it comes to creating a unique business card. Textures, die cuts, embossing, and foil-stamping will all change how your card feels in a potential client’s hand. Create a memorable first impression with a card that stands out to an underutilized sense – touch.
  • Simplicity – In today’s world there are any number of ways to get in touch with someone – phone, fax, email, social media, website, smoke signals, etc. Do you really need all that on your business card? No! Keep it simple and include the most important – maybe a phone number and an email, or email and your URL, but packing fifteen contact methods on a business card is just going to look cluttered – so pick the best one or two and feature those (just probably not smoke signals – those don’t really work).
  • Surprise – Including something uncommon in your business card is a great way to stand out from the crowd, just don’t go too far. An oval business card may look cool, but will anyone keep it around? The first time a business card presents a hassle for me to deal with, I throw it away. Find a way to stand out – with unique textures, materials, corners, or hand-stamping – without creating a hassle for the recipient.
  • Fit – Standing out is important, but so is presenting a clear message about just what you do. Try to balance your unique take with a style that matches your industry. Some professions allow for a little extra whimsy and fun (think creative professions), they’re not right for everyone.

Beautiful Benefits
Business cards are still a vital part of business culture, even with the proliferation of smart phones. No one likes the awkward shuffle of pulling out phones and attempted to create a new contact on the spot, and the opportunity for errors (and lost sales) is huge. A business card doesn’t leave things up to chance, but instead allows you to accurately provide your contact information while making a statement with your design.
Providing something physical helps your name and business to stick in people’s minds; and business card allows you to stick in people’s minds by reaching several of their senses – especially sight and touch. Capitalize on this ‘stickiness’ by having business cards that stand out from the crowd.

Unique Service
When it comes to business cards, the old adage still applies: keep it simple. Find a design that stands out, presents your brand, and gets your message across quickly and effectively. Fusion Group USA can help you meet your business card goals with in-house graphic design artists and print specialists to help set you apart with bold, beautiful, and unique business cards. Contact us today to see just how we can help!

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