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Choose a Domain Name
Brand Development, Website Design

How to Choose a Domain Name

Getting a website is an important step for any business. But before you start thinking about design, search engine optimization, or navigation; you will need to have a domain name. It can seem like an afterthought, but a bad domain name can sabotage an otherwise smooth website plan. Today I’ll
Facebook Advertising Funnel
Advertising, Social Media

Facebook Advertising & Sales Funnels

Advertising on Facebook is a powerful tool that can reach thousands of potential customers for a pretty modest budget. It seems so simple – and that blue ‘Boost Post’ button is waiting there tempting you to drop a few dollars and see what happens to your sales. But finding success
commercial printing product ideas
Commercial Printing

Commercial Printing Product Ideas

Just about every business can benefit from commercial printing, but obtaining the full benefit requires thinking beyond basic business cards and letterhead. Nothing against business cards and letterhead, they’re great. But you need a fresh perspective if you want to stand out from your competitors. I’m not talking about re-inventing
email list segmentation

Email List Segmentation: a B2B Perspective

Email list segmentation is critical to email marketing success. It’s a topic that gets a ton of press in the world of B2C marketing blogs, but there is much less information on effectively segmenting an email list in a business to business environment. I’m not sure why that is the
Boosting social media engagement
Social Media

10 Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement

Social media success is a game. A serious one, but still a game. And just like any game, winning at social media requires you to know the rules and algorithms that make social media tick. Today we’ll look at ten ways to boost social media engagement that you can start
Screen Printed Custom Apparel

Get the Most from Your Custom Apparel

Screen printed custom apparel is a great way to build brand awareness. Getting your brand on custom apparel has the power to turn clothes wearers (that’s just about every person on earth) into a potential ambassador for your business. That’s a powerful marketing tool! But before you can unleash an
World of Web Design
Website Design

Navigating the World of Web Design

Let me set the scene: you’ve done the market research, you’ve built your customer personas, the competitor analysis is done, and your product is going to upend the market. It’s a great feeling to be on the cusp of success. But it’s never quite that simple. To turn your market
Internal Links Tips

Don’t Forget About Your Internal Links

We’ve spent the whole month of May talking about different aspects of SEO, from link building to finding the right agency. As we wrap up this month-long focus on search engine optimization with a look at internal links on your website. We saved internal links for last because, to be honest, they aren’t as important as some
How to write meta descriptions

How to Write Killer Meta Descriptions

Sometimes finding SEO success takes some good old-fashioned copywriting. And meta descriptions is one of those places. They still require a smidge of technical knowledge, but 99% of meta description success relies on good writing. Keep reading to learn how to write meta descritpions.  Today we’ll look at crafting the best meta descriptions possible so
High-Quality Link Building
SEO, Uncategorized

Link Building in 2018

Backlinks are essential to any business’ SEO strategy. But there’s a conundrum around link building: Getting links requires high-quality content High-quality content is created by creative professionals. Most creative professionals are terrible at sales. Earning links to your content requires sales-type outreach. So, what can you do to help build SEO-friendly links in 2018?
Finding an SEO Agency

Finding an SEO Agency: Dos and Don’ts

There are thousands of SEO providers in every corner of the internet. And out of that thousand, 999 are fraudsters, flimflam men, and hucksters. So, what can a business owner do it ensure that you get professional SEO service instead of a shady scammer? Today, we look at the dos and
Improve your local SEO

Local SEO: 5 Ways to Improve Your Rankings Today

We’re big fans of search engine optimization. And if you’re a local business, nothing moves the needle with the searchers that matter like local SEO. Today we’ll look at five relatively easy ways to optimize your local presence.  Local SEO allows you to focus your efforts on the people that matter
Blogging for SEO

Blogging for SEO: The How and Why of It

Committing to writing a blog is the most DIY-friendly way to give your SEO a boost. But blogging for SEO still requires some understanding of search engine optimization best practices. Today, we’ll dive into the why and how of using blogging to advance your SEO goals.  Becoming an expert at blogging for
SEO Pros and Cons

SEO & SEM: Weighing the Pros and Cons

For many people, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are two sides of the same coin. But SEO and SEM each have their own unique pros and cons – and understanding those pros and cons are critical to building a successful digital marketing strategy. Both SEO and SEM will
How long does seo take

How Long Does SEO Take?

How long does SEO take? That’s a common question we get, but unfortunately, it is hard to give a clear answer. So much depends on the current state of your website, your location, and your market. But there are some general guidelines we use when setting customer expectations for search
SEO Planning

SEO Planning: a Guide for Small Businesses

The work of search engine optimization is often buried under about six feet of jargon and technical language. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Today we’ll present a simplified way to craft and execute an SEO strategy. Like all marketing work, a successful SEO campaign relies on two things:
Social Media Mistakes
Social Media

Social Media Mistakes: 10 Common Marketing Missteps to Avoid

Even though social media has been a major part of lives for fifteen years (MySpace was founded in 2003), many businesses continue to make the same marketing mistakes year after year. Today, we’ll look at ten of the most common social media marketing mistakes that people make – and how you can turn
How often to post
Social Media

The 2018 Social Media Posting Frequency Guide

These days, every business knows that you need to stay active on social media. But there is no clear definition of what ‘staying active’ means – is that every day? Ten times a day? Once a week? The command is given – stay active – but little guidance is provided
social media and video
Social Media

Best Friends Forever: Social Media and Video

There are enough marketing blogs about the rise of social media and video to make it to the moon and back. But if you’ll bear with me here, I’m going to add one more log to the growing video fire. Today, I’ll investigate the benefits of using video as a social media
Paying for social media success
Social Media

Should You Pay for Social Media Success?

For many years, social media was a marketing tool that required a lot of time and very little money. But those days are officially gone – or that is what marketers would have you believe. Every marketing blog on the internet is overflowing with lamentations over the death of organic
Social Media Customers
Social Media

Loyal Customers and Social Media Fans

Money-paying customers are the lifeblood of your business. And earning more customers is almost always the end goal of social media marketing efforts. The process moves from a digital introduction to building a relationship to converting a customer. That’s the basis of 90% of all social media marketing in today’s world. But
Facebook Scandal
Social Media

#DeleteFacebook: Is the Social Media Giant Doomed?

March was a rough month for the social media giant that everyone loves to hate. Facebook was rocked by revelations that Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm, gained access to potentially private information from over 50 million users. The revelation was made worse given the politically charged climate and how
Social Media Strategy
Social Media

Building a Social Media Strategy from Scratch

We’ve come a long way from the days of MySpace walls and sparkly gifs. And social media has grown from an internet time-waster to a multi-billion-dollar marketing and advertising giant that you can’t afford to ignore. But the importance of social media doesn’t mean you should jump onboarding and start
driving traffic to your website
Marketing, SEO, Website Design

Driving Traffic: The Long & Short of It

Nice websites are great but, for most businesses, they are a means to an end – not an end in themselves. The goal of your website should be to drive conversions and conversions depend on web traffic. That means that driving traffic to your website should be the focus of
web design for seo
Marketing, SEO, Website Design

Web Design for SEO: What You Need to Know

As a provider of search engine optimization services, we work on websites built by a wide range of web designers. That has given us a front row seat to some very questionable design practices. And because we are also a web design agency, it drives us crazy to see the
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