Hacking Website Updates: How to Optimize your Website without Paying

At Fusion Group USA, website updates are free as long as you keep your hosting with us. When we tell people that, the usual response is to assume their website will need few changes. Maybe a price update or a new phone number – but not much beyond that.

But website changes can be more than just factual updates to your site. In fact, there are several reasons to look at your website like a work in progress that needs continuous improvement. Our web design team might hate me for suggesting more work for them – but we want to make sure our customers are getting the most out of our services.

So, what are some common website updates? How can you leverage your free updates to get the most out your website? Today, I’ll run through five ways to update your site beyond the obvious changes. Many of these ideas rely on access to Google Analytics. If you’re new to Google Analytics we can help you get set up using this powerful tool.

Optimize Popular Pages

Sometimes, things don’t go the way we plan. The pages we think will get all the attention are ignored while the minor pages are getting traffic. When that’s the case, it might be time to restructure those pages to convert that traffic.

Once your site has been live for a few months, you can use that data to better place your calls-to-action, links, and forms. This will allow you to optimize your conversions based on real data instead of expectations and predictions.

Fix Leaks

Google analytics will allow you to see when visitors are bouncing off your site. It could be a form that asks for too much, a confusing navigation, or a poorly designed page. But whatever the reason, it needs to be fixed. By tracking when visitors are leaving for another site, you can see exactly what is causing the leak in your web funnel.

These leaks can often be plugged with a few simple updates – like simplifying a form, clearing up navigation options, or re-writing content. Plugged leaks will result in more conversions – and that should be the goal of every business website.

Clear Pathways

Understanding how people navigate your site provides powerful insight into how to optimize your site. As with popular pages, we build sites with visitor pathways in mind, but they don’t always work out like we expect. By tracking the progress people make through your website, you can better understand their needs and wants.

Once you see how people are interacting with your navigation, we can update your site to focus on moving those visitors to your important pages (products, sign-ups, or contact pages). Clear and easy to navigate pathways are vital to a successful website – but they can take time to test and perfect.

Blogging with a Purpose

We talk a lot about blogging and content marketing, but many people get started without a clear plan. That’s fine, especially as you find your voice and get practiced up. But if your blogging takes off and you are attracting visitors to your blog, it might be time for an update.

You might start with a basic blog, but as time goes on you can include links to related services, additional calls-to-action, and advertisements. You don’t want to be stuck with a popular blog and no way to capitalize on all that traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

As your business grows, you and your team are bound to run into the same questions again and again. Instead of continuing to answer those same questions, consider including those answers on your website. It doesn’t have to be in a dedicated FAQ page (although that’s a possibility too).

You can include common answers on product pages, your home page, or any popular location on your site. By using your site to address common sales objections, you can return your focus to closing sales and growing your business – rather than answering questions and repeat the same ground with every customer.

Free Website Updates

Clearly, website updates can be used for more than just business hours and phone numbers. They can (and should) be used to optimize your site continually. With regular audits, a website will continue to perform better and better. So, don’t get stuck with a one-and-done web designer.

At Fusion Group USA, we’re here to stick around and we want your business to stick around too. That’s why we offer free website updates on sites we build – because we want to help you continually improve your digital presence. If you’re sick of unresponsive agencies that are quicker to cash your checks than they are to update your site, consider making the switch today!

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