9 Reasons to Focus on SEO

A big part of website design is SEO, or search engine optimization. This is something that is necessary to take into account during the design and development process because you want your site to be visible to search engine users looking for your products or services. Isn’t this the point of having a website? You want people to find you! Here are 9 reasons to focus on SEO when building or re-designing your website:

  1. People intrinsically trust search engines like Google when it comes to ranking. If your site is at the top of the list, it makes your business seem more legitimate and reliable. Plus, according to Erik Newton’s post “16 Reasons to Focus on SEO in 2016”, SEO has a 14.6% close rate in comparison to direct mail or print advertising that only have a close rate of 1.7%.
  2. Newton also discusses the fact that 83% of traffic from search engines come from organic searches, driven by SEO.
  3. SEO emphasizes certain web design principals that increase usability, navigation, and interaction for users. This not only makes your site more user-friendly, it enhances customer satisfaction which is an indirect benefit of SEO.
  4. There is an investment at the beginning of the design process for SEO enhanced design but this is well worth it in the long term.
  5. A focus on SEO will inevitably lead to higher quality, keyword rich content that appeals to customers because in SEO, content is an important key to being found. Content crawling is how Google and other search engines deem whether a site is valuable to customers or not. An added bonus is that you look more professional and make information easy to understand to customers.
  6. SEO drives traffic which then in turn is tracked by Google Analytics. This can help provide you with insight as to who is looking at your website and what demographics you are attracting. You can tweak or enhance certain features of your site accordingly with this valuable market information.
  7. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to attract more people and enhance your visibility, SEO is the way to go. After the initial investment, you pay nothing to gain more visitors because it has everything to do with how your site is designed and how you direct users to your site. With basic SEO, you aren’t doing paid advertising or Pay-Per-Click. This falls into the realm of SEM, search engine marketing, which you can choose to add for an additional cost.
  8. Focusing on SEO naturally encourages growth with your website because it’s not something you do once and forget about. You have to continually stay ahead of your competition with quality content and keep your site maintained and updated.
  9. Nearly 75% of people will not scroll past the first page of search engine results. If you’re not on the first page, your site is less likely to be seen by search engine users.

If you are in the process of designing your website or redesigning an existing website, be sure you take SEO into account. It’s important to work with a web designer that understands basic SEO principals and incorporates them into your site design. Luckily, Fusion Group USA has not only the design experience but also the SEO knowledge to create a great site with a focus on success in rankings. Give your site a competitive edge and call Fusion Group USA about website design and SEO!

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