7 Marketing Ideas to Welcome the New Year

What better way to kick off the New Year then by giving your sales a boost by engaging your customers with post-holiday promotions. The holiday sales rush maybe over but by embracing some creative marketing ideas you can beat the new year slump

1. Email

Email marketing is easy to implement and an affordable strategy. It’s great way to reach out to your customers by letting them know how much you appreciated their patronage in 2018 and look forward to seeing them in the new year.

Offer them a special coupon for being a loyal customer that only your email subscribers can receive and can’t be found anywhere else. Let them know about any upcoming promotions, products, services and/or events for 2019.

It’s an easy to way to personalize your message and make them feel as if they are getting an exclusive information which leaves a bigger impression on the reader.

3. Social Media

Have fun with your social media channels with festive pictures and fun tips for the New Year.

If you own a restaurant, share the chef’s favorite holiday recipes; or a beauty salon, show pictures of what’s trending for 2019. Post pictures of your company’s holiday parties, employees in festive holiday attire or their pictures of how they celebrated. Customers love posts of staff because it makes them feel more connected.

3. Curb Appeal

For Brick-and-Mortar businesses, add some extra curb appeal to attract more foot traffic. From updating your signage , window displays and putting out a sandwich board with a funny message to new apparel for employees, it will give your business a fresh look for the New Year.

By updating in-house, it will also give you more content to post on your social media sites and keep customers in-touch.

4. Customer Appreciation Event

Pick one week, a day or weekend where the focus is showing appreciation for customers. Advertise it on-line and in house, get the buzz going enough time beforehand by enticing them killer deals and things you may not normally have going on.

Offer discounts on popular items that you may not have had during the holiday season and coupons that will bring them back for future purchases.

5. Launch New Products/Services

Now is the perfect time to let your customers know about any upcoming new or revamped services or products.

Get them excited with ‘sneak previews’ of what to expect and when to expect it, especially if they won’t be offered for another month. Offer samples, free demo’s and if it applies, special introductory pricing.

Take advantage of your social media sites with pictures and Facebook Live videos announcing the new items.

6. Contests

With so many ways to engage customers these days, don’t miss out on this easy, fun way to promote your business and encourage people to be loyal to your social media sites.

Giveaways are great because they can create a sense of urgency and increase engagement.

They can allow only a small window for them to participate by asking your audience to answer a question you post at 11am and the first 5 people that answer correctly will win a prize by 4pm, or over a few weeks randomly choose customers that post about your business (check-ins, reviews, pictures) and select a winner.

Start a hashtag contest on Instagram by selecting a contest-specific hashtag asking viewers to post a picture using that hashtag. Even better, have them post with your companies’ swag, at your location, or using your product or services.

Post all pictures that are shared and have your audience vote on who the winner is. It helps create a buzz and engages viewers by putting them in control.

Tip: Always announce the winner(s) any time you are doing a contest. This helps get more participation for the next one you do by letting your followers see who the winner is, and envisioning it could be them next time.

 7. Start Thinking About February

With over 20 various kinds of social media holidays and national events in February, take advantage of any or all that your business can capitalize on.

From Valentine’s Day, Super Bowl, Grammy Awards, Presidents Day to National Love Your Pet Day, National Pizza Day, and National Margarita Day, there’s something for almost every kind of business.


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