6 Website Design Rules

Even if you’re not building your site yourself, it’s still important to understand some basic website design rules that your designer may be following. This will give you a clearer picture of how your website will look when all is said and done. If you hire Fusion Group USA, these design rules will be taken care of and your website will not only function great, it’ll look great as well! So what are some basic website design rules?

  1. Simple navigation!

Navigation should be intuitive and simple. People should be able to find exactly what they’re looking for with relative ease while on your site. Figuring out the essential pages and layout of your site will play a part in the navigation setup. Be aware of where people typically look for a navigation bar – either top or left of the screen. Also, you can utilize the “hamburger” menu in your responsive website design so that you still have the navigation but it de-clutters the homepage making it easier to look at on smaller devices.

  1. Use headlines to hierarchically categorize information.

Organizing your content and information is important to keeping the customer engaged – if they are confused, they’ll just leave. Important headlines should be bold and all headlines should be short and concise. Stay consistent with your titles and make them clear and accessible.

  1. Stay consistent with fonts and colors.

This should also be considered in the branding process. What types of fonts do you want to use on all of your marketing collateral and advertising? What is your color scheme? Staying consistent will enhance your brand image and create a sense of professionalism.

  1. Is your contact information up to date and prominent?

The main purpose of your website is to encourage people to visit your store or contact you. Make sure you make it easy for people to get in touch with you! Having your information somewhere easy to read on your site and including a contact page is a great idea. Try to direct people to the contact page so that they can utilize your simple form.

  1. Your site should be designed and code for responsiveness.

Responsive design is so important because of the sheer number of people that use various devices to access the internet. You want to be sure that your website shows up properly on all devices because 91% of people have their phone in a 3-meter radius literally all of the time – their phone is constantly there, ready to be used for search. Responsive design is key to the 21st century business website!

  1. Be sure your call to action is catchy and prominent.

Including one or multiple calls to action on your website is an excellent idea – after all, people need to know exactly what you want them to do next. A call to action can link to where you want people to go next or direct the viewers’ attention to something important on the page. Using a different font or a different color is a great way to make your call to action more prominent.

These are some helpful design rules to follow when designing your own site, or when discussing your design ideas with your web design company (like Fusion Group USA!). It’ll give you an idea of what your final product will look like and how your information will be laid out. Fusion Group USA keeps clients in the loop when building a website to ensure that the final product is exactly what you had in mind. If you have any questions about the web design process, please call us today!

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