6 Elements of a Great Logo

Your logo is the face of your business. It provides the first impression, defines the identity of your brand, and communicates the values you hold dear. That’s a lot of weight for a simple logo to carry – and that’s why it is so important to get the right logo for your brand.

Whether you are just starting up or looking to perform a complete rebrand, getting the right logo is an essential step in the growth of your business. Today, we’ll look at six ways to ensure that you get a logo and fits your brand and effectively communicates your message to potential customers.

Classic over Trendy

Trendy logos are great if you plan on going out of business in the next two or three years. But if you’re looking to build a lasting brand, then you should think more classic than trendy. This doesn’t mean that you have to design your logo like its 1890, but you should shoot for a logo that will still look fresh in 10 or 20 years.

By chasing the latest in trends, you’ll end up chasing a rebrand within the next five years and that’s a waste of your business’ time and money. When you get a classic logo, a rebrand will only involve fine-tuning your logo – not rebuilding from the ground up.

Consider Fonts

A logo is usually dominated by a graphic element, but you should still spend time picking the perfect font for your brand. When it comes to fonts and typefaces, there are two common errors: using the wrong one and using too many. For a simple example of using the wrong font, consider how you would feel if your local bank switched their logo font to Comic Sans. They are trying to send a message of trustworthiness but the font screams playful, and that is going to create conflicting emotions in their customer base.

The other common error is to use too many fonts. On the extreme end, you’ve probably seen a homemade flyer that includes every font under the sun. You probably won’t have that level in your logo – but it is surprisingly common to see several fonts make an appearance within a logo.

Choose Colors Wisely

Just like fonts, your logo color selection will speak to the values of your brand. The world of color psychology goes deep, but there are some basic guidelines that will get you started:

  • Red is attention-grabbing and speaks of passion, desire, and determination.
  • Yellow reminds us of sunshine and stimulates mental activity. But too much yellow can be stressful.
  • Blue is popular in the corporate world because it calls to mind loyalty, trustworthiness, and confidence.
  • Green brings the vibrancy of nature along with new beginnings, safety, and new life.
  • Purple is most often associated with elegance and luxury and is a great choice for sophisticated brands.
  • Black shows the strength and authority of your brand through a sense of mystery.
  • Brown is a balanced color that speaks of trust, reliability, and poise.
  • White presents a simple and clean image and is perfect for brands that represent those values.

Those aren’t hard and fast rules – how we perceive color changes based on our culture and the context in which we encounter them. But give some thought to what your colors say about your brand. You might not bank with a pink logo and you might not hire a clown with a black logo – so pick your colors wisely.

Simplicity Drives Versatility

One of the main purposes of your logo is to be recognizable – think of McDonald’s golden arches or Apple’s simple logo. If your logo is overly complex or requires a magnifying glass to decipher, then you are losing out on that recognizability.

A simple logo also allows you to deploy it in a variety of ways – from an embroidered hat to a highway billboard. Simplicity in logo design will allow your business to grow without the need to rethink your logo or branding as you expand into new areas – because simple is always versatile.

Be Original

Have you ever noticed how many businesses that serve similar markets have similar logos? Coffee shops, contractors, and real estate agents often fall into this trap – but a copycat logo will hardly set you apart from the competition.

Even worse is just copying an existing logo and claiming it as your own. This unfortunately common occurrence isn’t just bad marketing, it is also illegal. While an original logo will help to establish your brand for years to come as a unique provider in your marketplace.

Logos and Branding

When you’re coming up with a logo it is important to keep your entire branding strategy in mind. For new businesses or total re-brands, the logo will provide the backbone of your brand. While font selection might feel like a small factor in your logo, it will likely appear across your branded materials for years to come – so it is important to get it right the first time. The same goes for color selection, tone, and style.

Keep that in mind when you’re deciding on a new logo – will you quickly tire of its elements as they shape the rest of your branding efforts? If you’re not completely sold on the font, color, and style of your logo, keep pushing until you get something that you’re proud to feature everywhere.

Logo Design for Your Brand

Your logo says a lot about your brand, and it’s too important to settle for just any old design. It should communicate your values, feature a unique design, and stand the test of time. But getting a logo like that isn’t easy – it takes a combination of technical graphic design skills, marketing know-how, and branding experience.

At Fusion Group USA, we bring all three to the table with every logo we design. Our team of graphic designers works directly with marketers and branding experts to craft a logo that will meet your needs for years to come. Ready to get started on your brand? Contact us today for a free consultation!

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