5 Ways to Boost Blog Traffic

Writing a blog is a great way to boost your content marketing strategy. Adding fresh, new content to your website on a regular basis will help with SEO and make you a leader in your industry especially if you’re coming up with relevant, informative content. It’s not a really a “you build it and they will come” type of situation though – you have to build a readership to become an authority on the internet. There are a few ways that you can boost your reader count and get your blog noticed!

  1. Obviously, you need quality writing.

If you’re not a strong writer, you might consider finding an agency, like Fusion Group USA, to help you out with your blogs. The thing is, people don’t want to read writing that makes no sense – if it’s chock full of grammatical errors, misspellings, and weird sentence structure people just aren’t going to read it. It’s better to find a strong writer that will be able to pump out content on a regular basis.

  1. Write with keywords in mind.

Writing your content with your keywords in mind will help you create content that is picked up by search engines. This will help boost your SEO and get your blog found. However, the key is to include keywords without sounding ridiculous or forced. It needs to be natural and have a flow. You want your reading to not just appeal to search engines, but to humans too!

  1. Post your blogs on social media.

Use social media to spread your blogs! Encourage your followers to read your blog posts and share them with others. This is where the writing interesting, relevant posts thing come in – people aren’t going to enjoy dry, boring blogs. Social media bombards people with pictures, videos, quizzes, GIFs, etc. and you can’t compete with that with a boring blog post. Write something interesting and find an eye-catching picture to add to the post.

  1. Start a monthly or quarterly newsletter!

Starting an email newsletter that you send out regularly is a great way to boast about your blog posts. Getting present and prospective customers to sign up for a mailing list for an informative newsletter is something you can incorporate into your website, or use social media for. You can include old blog posts in the newsletter and link back to your blog to encourage people to read your material. If they’re interested in your products and service, they may also be interested in your informative blogs.

  1. Set up an RSS feed.

This is one way to keep your readers in the loop every time you publish new content. RSS, or rich site summary, will syndicate data automatically and update people who subscribe when you publish. Encouraging people to subscribe is a great way to get people engaged with your brand on a regular basis.

Increasing blog traffic is a great way to get more people to come to your site and check out your products and services. Ultimately, blogging will help you establish your credibility and leadership in your industry while enhancing your online reputation. Fusion Group USA can help with regular blogging and social media marketing. If this is something that you’re interested in incorporating into your website or online marketing campaign, give Fusion Group USA a call today!

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