5 Types of Emails Your Business Should Send

Email marketing is a great form of marketing and advertising – you get the word out to a large number of people relatively easily. There are some different forms of emails you can send out to existing or prospective customers that can boost your business. You want to send out an email that will make people stop and read it before hitting the delete button. This is where a little graphic design would go a long way. Getting an eye-catching ad or newsletter designed could be the difference between someone reading your email and someone simply deleting it. But before you get to the graphic design part of the process, you need to decide what kind of email you want to send out. Here are 5 types of emails you could send out to an email list:

  1. Promotional Email

You probably get these all the time! They are very popular, and a great way to let people know when you’re running a deal or special. When writing a promotional email, you want to be sure the offer is clear and easy to understand. Be sure you emphasize the offer – make it big and bold to catch their attention. You also want to create a sense of urgency and make people feel that they have to act quickly in order to get the deal. Keep it short and to the point so that people don’t get bored and just ignore your email.

  1. Newsletter

This is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and let them know all the exciting things going on in your business. This is a more content-heavy publication so you want to be sure that your design is easy to read and digest. Always include your contact information in the letter to encourage people to reach out to you. Content for a newsletter should be relevant, informative, and useful to the reader and should be sent out consistently.

  1. Reorder Email

This type of email lets people know that they ordered something a while ago and it may be time to reorder. This is great for eCommerce sites, but can be used for brick-and-mortar stores as well. It’s an appreciated reminder to people that order regularly or for products/services needed on a regular basis. You want a clear call to action on these emails and remind customers of how great your product is by including some testimonials or ratings. Mention that they’ve ordered these items in the past and ask them how they liked it – possibly give them the opportunity to let you know how they feel about the product.

  1. Survey Email

Using this kind of email to check in with customers is always appreciated because it shows that your business cares about its customers’ opinions and values suggestions. There should be an incentive associated with this kind of email so that people are encouraged to complete it – everyone loves a good incentive. Also let people know exactly why you’re sending this survey to them. Are you trying to make improvements, gain some research insights, or make changes? Make them easy to access and easy to complete so people don’t give up or lose interest halfway through the survey.

  1. Testimonial Email

Sending out an email that only has customer testimonials is a way to remind people of how great your product/service is! This takes some time and effort, but is worth it to gain customer interest. Make sure you have an appealing design with images and information that will draw customers in and direct them to your site.

All of these email types should direct people to your site or to your store. Increasing conversions is the name of the game with email marketing because you want to boost your business! Fusion Group USA can help you not only design a great email with eye-catching graphics, we can help you get an email list that can encompass whatever target market you are going after. Call Fusion Group USA today to get your email marketing campaign started!

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