5 Advantages of Direct Mail

The modern marketer is faced with a paralyzing range of channel options. Social media, PPC, retargeted, and other digital channels dominate the marketing discussion – because it sure seems that the world has gone fully digital over the last decade. But there are still advantages to pursuing traditional marketing channels – especially direct mail.

There are five primary advantages of pursuing a direct mail marketing campaign. I’ll cover each one in this blog post, and hopefully inspire some people to invest in direct mail for their next marketing effort. Direct mail is one of the most economical and effective marketing channels – despite its non-digital nature.

Mail is Exciting

Remember the days when getting an email was exciting? That sounds quaint now. I get bucket loads of emails every day and the vast majority get trashed without opening or reading. But when I get a professionally designed direct mailer, I almost always take the time to read it.

We’ve seen an inversion over the last twenty years – and physical mail has become the novelty while email is the standard. Many business owners and marketers are still prioritizing like it is 1999. Direct mail allows you to side-step the digital race and get directly into your customers’ hands with your message.

Mail is Quieter

People are bombarded with noisy advertisements all day – especially now that auto-play video has reared its ugly head again. People are shouted out from the radio, television, and their computers. By contrast, mail is a quiet and peaceful way to reach your customers.

Direct mail allows people to read your message in peace without the need to shout and yell. While that means some people might ignore you, many will appreciate the ability to interact with your business at their leisure.

Mail is Tangible

Getting a physical item into the hands of your customer base will help them to remember you and your message. As more and more marketing efforts go digital, you can make a serious impact with a physical message. This is especially true if you invest in quality stock and high-quality graphic design.

Providing tangible marketing collateral to people will establish your brand in their mind in a way that digital can hardly touch. Don’t underestimate the power of physical material for your business.

Mail is Targeted

Many people think digital is the only marketing that can be targeted to your ideal customer. But direct mail offers powerful demographic targeting options as well. If you have developed customer personas or profiles, then mailing lists can be obtained that match your profiles in amazing detail.

Everything from income levels to political activity can be used to get your marketing message into the hands of the people that matter to your business. Don’t believe the line that only digital can reach your ideal customer – direct mail is up for the task of highly targeted demographic reach.

Mail is Personalized

Finally, mail can and should be personalized for the recipient. Direct mail is a great tool, but it still takes a real investment – and the best way to improve your direct mail reach is through personalization. It will be more expensive, but you’ll be amazed at the response by simply including first names in your marketing material.

It isn’t right for every direct mail campaign, but when you’re looking to maximize the impact of your effort there is no better way than through personalization.

Mail is Possible

The idea of procuring a direct mail list scares away many business owners, but that shouldn’t be the case. We can help you determine your ideal customer and then provide a highly targeted list of names and addresses. From there we can also provide start to finish direct mail services – from design to printing to mailing.

If you want to see what direct mail can do for your business, contact us today. We can provide a free consultation so that you can see first-hand how direct mail can benefit your business.

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