Fusion Group USA’s 2019 Social Media Holidays

I know, it’s only October and talking about 2019 seems premature. But we’re less than three months away from the new year and now is the time to start planning.

November and December are always a busy season for social media marketers, so it’s never a bad idea to get a jump on your content plans for the new year.

This list is nowhere near exhaustive. But we believe in quality over quantity, so this list is focused on the more popular social media holidays – you won’t find the International Day of Watching Paint Dry on this list.

Before we get to the list (I know that’s why you all came), there are two things to keep in mind.

First, please don’t use every holiday on this list. The best practice is to pick two or three each month to fill in around your content calendar.

Second, use caution with religious holidays. I’ve marked any religious holidays with an asterisk – if you’re going to use one, do some research to make sure you aren’t being offensive. Even if you think you know what the holiday is about, double check before you post.

Alright, that’s it. On to the list that you came for:


1: New Year’s Day

4: National Trivia Day

17: Ditch Your Resolution Day

20: Cheese Lovers Day

21: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

24: Belly Laugh Day

25: Opposite Day


2: Groundhog Day

3: Superbowl 53

5: Lunar New Year / Chinese New Year

9: National Pizza Day

14: Valentine’s Day

15: Singles Awareness Day

18: Presidents’ Day

22: Margarita Day


1: Employee Appreciation Day

5: Mardi Gras*

6: Ash Wednesday*

10: Daylight Savings Begins

14: Pi Day

17: St. Patrick’s Day*

20: First Day of Spring

21: Holi* / Purim*

23: Puppy Day

29: National Vietnam War Veterans Day


1: April Fool’s Day

7: Beer Day

14: Palm Sunday*

15: Tax Day

18: National High Five Day

19: Good Friday*

20: Passover Starts*

21: Easter*

22: Earth Day

26: Arbor Day


1: May Day

2: Thank a Teacher Day

4: Star Wars Day / Kentucky Derby

5: Cinco De Mayo

6: First Day of Ramadan*

10: Receptionist Day

12: Mother’s Day

27: Memorial Day


2: Donut Day

3: Eid al-Fitr*

4: Leave the Office Early Day

9: Shavuot*

14: Flag Day

16: Father’s Day

19: Juneteenth

21: First Day of Summer

30: Social Media Day


4: Independence Day

7: World Chocolate Day

10: Pina Colada Day

14: Bastille Day

20: Moon Day

24: Cousins Day

27: National Korean War Veterans Day

28: Parents’ Day


1: Colorado Day (our Colorado office insisted we include this)

9: Book Lovers’ Day

10: Eid al-Adha*

11: Tisha B’Av*

13: International Lefthanders Day

15: Relaxation Day


2: Labor Day

3: Beard Day

8: Grandparents’ Day

9: Ashura*

11: 9/11 Remembrance

12: Video Games Day

21: Day of Peace

23: First Day of Fall

30: Rosh Hashanah*


1: Coffee Day

4: Taco Day

9: Yom Kippur*

14: Columbus Day / Indigenous Peoples’ Day

16: Boss Appreciation Day

25: Greasy Foods Day

27: Diwali*

30: Checklist Day

31: Halloween*


3: Daylight Savings Ends

4: Candy Day

11: Veterans Day

13: Kindness Day

21: Entrepreneurs Day

28: Thanksgiving

29: Black Friday


2: Cyber Monday

11: Mountain Day

22: First Day of Winter

23: Hanukkah*

25: First Day of Christmas*

26: Kwanzaa*

31: New Year’s Eve

Social Media Holidays

It’s a good start, but we know there are more holidays out there just waiting to be discovered. What did we miss? What social media holidays will your brand be celebrating this year? Let us know in the comments and we’ll update the list!

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