10 Tips on Increasing Site Conversion

So you’ve got a website, but you’re concerned about whether or not it’s helping increase business. This would mean you’re looking to improve your conversion rate. What is a conversion rate? It’s the percentage of prospective customers visiting your site that take the action you want them to – it could mean filling out a form to gather information, giving you a call referencing your site, or buying from your website or store. Simply having a website isn’t going to magically increase conversion rates, there are some steps you can take to make your site more “conversion friendly”. Here are 10 ways to boost conversion rates.

  1. Make email forms as easy to fill out as possible. If people have to take too long filling in information they may lose interest and just leave the site. Remember: KISS – keep it simple…and you know the rest.
  2. Be sure you’re including a call to action, or multiple call to actions tailored to the customer. You want to direct their attention and be motivated to do what you are asking. Plus, there should be an incentive. For instance, “Sign up for our monthly newsletter and get exclusive offers”. Humans are reward-seeking creatures and if we think we can get a great deal, we’re more likely to take advantage!
  3. Use testimonials and reviews to give customers social proof. This gives your site and business a sense of online legitimacy so that others feel secure purchasing from you. Just be sure to stay on top of your reviews and respond regularly to people.
  4. If you are doing PPC advertising, be sure to create landing pages that are specific to your ads to retain people’s attention and interest. You can use landing pages to direct people to your site or to get their information for further communication.
  5. Your most important information and call to action should be placed “above the fold”. This means that when a customer visits your site, they can see all the pertinent information without having to scroll down. Keep it neat simple, and directive.
  6. Be sure that the way your site is categorized is easy to navigate. There is something called the three-click rule, which states that users have to should be able to find what they are looking for within three clicks. You don’t necessarily have to follow this rule however, as long as people feel that they are on the right track they will continue to click. It’s not necessarily about clicks, it’s about how easy the information is to find. Usability is measured by a number of things, not just clicks. In one study from User Interface Engineering, they found that people will click up to 25 times if they feel that are on the right track to what they are looking for.
  7. Keep your content short and concise. This is important to keeping the user’s interest and It ensure that you are only putting the highest quality, keyword rich content on your site without rambling.
  8. Give a guarantee on your site – a return, refund, or just a customer satisfaction guarantee. Make these guarantees prominent and put them in place on the website where it’s sure to catch the attention of the customer. Under the checkout button, let customers know that you guarantee their satisfaction and that you are willing to do what is necessary to keep them happy.
  9. Credibility! Include payment security details and badges to your site to let people know that they are making a secured payment. This helps build trust with your customers.
  10. Professional, aesthetically-pleasing design matters. Using real photos and staying away from cheesy stock photos, keeping your brand color scheme consistent, and integrating responsive design features create a professional business site that will keep the customers interested.

Utilizing your site so that it does the most good for your business should be the primary goal in having a website. You want to gain business through your site, and get sales either online or through your site. Incorporating these tips into your site design will help boost your conversion rates, and Fusion Group USA can design and develop a site that is sure to get you sales. Our knowledgeable graphic designers, website designers, and developers will make sure your site is not only user-friendly, but ready for business. Give us a call today!

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