10 Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement

Social media success is a game. A serious one, but still a game. And just like any game, winning at social media requires you to know the rules and algorithms that make social media tick. Today we’ll look at ten ways to boost social media engagement that you can start using today.

Not every method will work for every business, so view this blog post as more of a buffet than a detailed plan. Take what looks good to you and leave what isn’t your style. All of the following tips are just variations on a theme: be social.

1. Respond to Interactions

Social media is built on conversations, and conversations are never one-sided. To help you build a culture of engagement around your social media, always respond to comments, shares, and interactions.

Customers want a conversation – make sure you’re not leaving them hanging!

2. Address Topics of Interest

Your social media content needs to be more than just promotions and sales. By talking about, linking to, and sharing topics of interest to your customer base you will become a useful resource and not just another salesperson yelling into the void.

Figure out what your customers are talking about and join the ongoing conversation.

3. FAQs are Your Friend

Struggling to come up with content that is engaging? Answering frequently asked questions in your industry is a great place to start. It helps to define your business while also providing value to potential customers. It might not generate hundreds of comments, but your followers will be thankful and that is always a good thing.

Determine what your customers are asking and provide in-depth, valuable answers.

4. Ask Questions

Social media success isn’t all about answering questions. It is also a great place to poll your audience. Asking questions on social media has two primary benefits: it increases engagement (people love to answer questions) and it teaches you about your target audience.

Ask questions and take polls – the algorithms love it and you’ll gain valuable insight.

5. Build a Community

Building a community is one of the most powerful ways to use social media – but it is also one of the most difficult. Get started with community building by sharing posts from other people and organizations. Once you start collecting a following, you can use groups, group chats, and hashtags to build your own social media community.

Community building takes time, but building a loyal following is always worth the effort.

6. Be a Real Human

Being human sounds easy enough, but many businesses approach social media with a robotic mentality. Don’t be afraid of a little personality. Use emojis, tell a joke, make a mistake. It might sound cliché, but presence is better than perfection – especially on social media.

Customers don’t want a chatbot, they want a real person. Give them what they want!

7. Engage with Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get involved with the social media conversation. But the same rules apply: don’t manipulate hashtags for sales, instead focus on furthering the conversation and let sales be a secondary (but inevitable) factor.

Let hashtags guide your content and get engaged with people who are interested in your business.

8. Post at the Right Time

If your goal is to boost social media engagement, then when you post matters greatly. Typically, people are most active on social media first thing in the morning, around lunch, and in the early evening hours. But figure out when your target audience is logging on and time your posts accordingly.

Posting at the right time will take some trial and error, but it is essential when looking to boost engagement.

9. Invest in Video Marketing

We’d be crazy to not mention video somewhere on this list. Video is the best way to beat the social media algorithm in 2018. There is still plenty of opportunity in social media video because it takes an investment (in time, money, or both). High-quality video is eye-catching, just make sure that it is well made.

Video marketing is a powerful way to improve your social media presence. Don’t let the upfront investment scare you away!

10. Monitor and Adjust

As with any marketing strategy, these methods should be tweaked to fit your unique business goals. To customize your social media strategy, you should monitor what works and what doesn’t so that you can find the sweet spot for your business.

Keeping a close eye on your engagement statistics is the best way to see steady improvement in your social media marketing.

Play to Win

Knowing the rules allows your business to craft a social media plan that fits your business goals without getting lost in the all the noise. At Fusion Group USA, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to create engaging social media content – and we’d love to help you do the same for your business.

Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of social media management options.

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